Pop Cults: Religion and Popular Music by Rupert Till

By Rupert Till

At a time whilst fundamentalism is at the upward push, conventional religions are in decline and postmodernity has challenged any approach that says to be all-defining, teens have left their conventional areas of worship and organize their very own, in golf equipment, at gala's and inside of track tradition.

Pop Cults investigates the ways that well known song and its surrounding tradition became a first-rate web site for the site of that means, trust and identification. It presents an advent to the heritage of the interactions of vernacular track and faith, and the function of song in spiritual tradition.

Rupert until explores the cults of heavy steel, pop stars, membership tradition and digital well known track worlds, investigating the intercourse, drug, neighborhood and dying cults of the sacred renowned, and their relationships with conventional religions.

He concludes by means of discussing how and why renowned tune cultures have taken on the various roles of conventional religions in modern society.

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Indeed popular music is sometimes described as having sex, drugs and rock’n’roll at its core, and sex and drugs are often linked. Having investigated sex cults within popular music, it makes sense to move on next to the complex subject of the drug cults of popular music. Chapter 3 I Want to Take You Higher: Drug Cults of Popular Music Drugs and Music in Prehistory and Traditional Culture Many human cultures make use of different substances in order to achieve some kind of altered state of consciousness.

Because there were so many innuendos in it. I thought, “This is great. ” Interviewer: You like that, when people get upset? Madonna: Yeah, controversy. I thrive on it. Madonna offered her largely female audience an adult image of a woman, sexually active, in control and with no male backing band. She became known for controlling her own career, and offering an alternative to male-dominated music industry norms. She paved the way for a series of female pop singers with a sexual image, including Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

In Chapter 1, I described typical characteristics usually associated with a cult. In this chapter, I have provided evidence in order to suggest that popular music is much like a form of sex cult. It is interesting to consider to what extent a popular music sex cult might fit these typical characteristics. Like other cults it often involves an extreme level of devotion to one or more single person who is thought of as being charismatic, or having some link to the divine. For example, in the case of Madonna her name alone implies a link to the divine, whether this link is supposed to be real, or simply present to enhance an artist’s marketability, is irrelevant.

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