Demanding the Impossible by Slavoj Zizek

By Slavoj Zizek

Paperback. Pub Date :2013-10-07 Pages: a hundred and sixty Language: English writer: Polity the place are we this present day and what's to be performed Slavoj iek ponders those questions during this distinct and well timed ebook in line with reside interviews. the ebook captures iek. at his irrepressible most sensible. elucidating such themes because the uprisings of the Arab Spring. the worldwide monetary drawback. populism in Latin the US. the increase of China or even the riddle of North Korea. iek dazzles readers along with his analyses of Hollywood motion pictures. Venezuelan police stories. Swedish crime fiction and masses else. anywhere the dialog turns. his full of life brain illuminates unforeseen horizons.While reading our current predicaments. iek additionally explores percentages for swap. what kind of society is worthy striving for Why is it tough to visualize replacement social and political preparations What are the bases for wish A key obligat...

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D o you know who started this shameless openness ? The US President Richard Nixon. I sympathize with him more and more . I think he should be rehabilitated. Forget about the ideology of two j ournalists overthrow­ ing him. It is clear that there must have been some support in the US establishment. This is the myth of US democracy: " Look what a great country we are . 39 The Public Use of Scandal Two ordinary j o urnalists, Woodward and Bernstein, can overthrow a president. " But what I'm saying is that Nixon was the last one to struggle with dignity.

I don't know. Nonetheless, and I'm not being too pessimistic here, but what shocks me, again and again, i s how so-called specialists are proven wrong. About ro or r 5 years ago, people said that in postmodern times there are no longer revolutions; forget about people taking to the streets. My god, now you have them all around . Who knows where we will go from here ? I would like to see Saudi Arabia . This is the true worry. Everybody is in a panic not so much because of Egypt, but Saudi Arabia, which is an incredibly corrupt regime .

The system itself i s simply horrible. I was in Qatar for the New Year and I met some people from Saudi Arabia who told me this i ncredible story. Basically, the royal family possesses the state . They don't even have to steal anything, because they already have it. The key is that they all have a mistress and the breeding, so there are around r o,ooo princes in the family. They all have a wonderful life . But if you go out into the neighborhoods, the country has its own poverty. Did you know that, a couple of years ago, there were small demonstrations even in Saudi Arabi a ?

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