Deadman Switch by Timothy Zahn

By Timothy Zahn

Society has come to phrases with a mining operation that calls for the sacrifice of death-row inmates. yet what occurs whilst one inmate seems to be innocent?

Only the lately lifeless can helm the "deadman switch" to pilot a boat throughout the Cloud, a mysterious sun entity that shields the Solitaire sun process and its necessary heavy metals. convicted murderers are in many instances sacrificed for this task—one to go into the method, one to go out. Gilead Raca Benedar is a Watcher, hired via the rich head of an intergalactic mining corporation as a human lie detector of varieties. while Benedar is shipped to Solitaire, with its metal-rich moons, to aid with the purchase of its beneficial mining rights, he and the workforce may be able to make it to Solitaire accurately, and all is going good. that's, until eventually Benedar's Watcher powers exhibit him that the second one convict they're touring with—the one intended to helm the deadman turn on their go back journey—is blameless.

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And the senior staffer—the name was Richards, but he didn't remember the rest—waved him through to the interview room, where you could deal with Admin without going through decon, if you didn't have long business there. It was a room where you could go in and talk to someone through a clean-screen, or apply for a new breather-cylinder, or fill out paperwork. Left alone there, he sat on one of the two hard plastic chairs, rather than appear to pace or fret: he was onto psychs with pinhole cameras.

He let her give him the second cylinder, then: they still had one in reserve, hers. You could lend a cylinder back and forth if bad came to worse, but you never let both go out together. He was all right and he'd cut it damned close. w. c bu to re he C lic k he k lic C w. " Bianca said. "I'm going with you. We're down to three. " He pocketed the wrappers: you had to turn them in to get new ones, or you filled out forms forever and they charged you with trashing. Same with the ruined cylinder. He was going to hear about it.

McIntire wanted him to be aware, that was all: the legal wars were starting again. They'd want depositions. Maybe another psych exam. Dammit, he was one year short of past all this: one year short of his majority, and they could mandate another psych exam, see whether his best interests were being served… that was the way they always put it. His best interests. Only this time—this time he wasn't exactly within walking distance of his lawyer's office. "They want you to take the next shuttle up," Nunn said.

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