Cut 'n' Mix: Culture, Identity and Caribbean Music (Comedia) by Dick Hebdige

By Dick Hebdige

It is a booklet in regards to the song of the Caribbean - from calypso and ska via to Reggae and Caribbean membership tradition.

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There are elements of slave digging songs. African work songs, Shango songs and songs sung by the slaves during revolts. And, like most forms of black music in the New World, calypso is based on the African “call and response” pattern. American blues, soul and jazz, Jamaican reggae and Trinidad’s calypsoes all share this same basic structure. In African call and response, one person will sing a line and the rest will respond by singing a fixed chorus. Again, the call and response pattern shows how music in West Africa involves the whole community—everyone can join in.

The People: That’s it! On the case! The Reverend: Our leader is not dead. One of his prophets died. We will not stop because of that. Our staff is not a funeral staff. We have friends who are undertakers. We do business. ”1 And so the preacher wins back his congregation. After almost breaking the bond between himself and the people, he comes back with renewed force to drive his final message home—our real leader is the Holy Spirit and the Spirit cannot be killed. At the end, the crowd is right behind him.

REGGAE AND OTHER CARIBBEAN MUSIC 27 (Ras. Michael reggae singer, drummer and leader of the Sons of Negus) “Reggae is an offshot of Rasta music. You see ‘reggae’ is a derivative of the Latin ‘Regis’ meaning ‘King’. ” (David Hinds, member of the UK reggae band Steel Pulse) As you can see, it’s difficult to say exactly what reggae is. But we do know some facts for certain. To begin with, the word “reggae” referred to a particular phase in Jamaican pop music. There were other phases, other slightly different rhythms before reggae, namely ska and rocksteady.

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