Current Advances in Semantic Theory by Maxim I. Stamenov (Ed.)

By Maxim I. Stamenov (Ed.)

This quantity comprises chosen contributions to the interdisciplinary symposium on 'Models of which means' held in Varna, September 25-28, 1988, lower than the auspices of the Institute of the Bulgarian Language of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. the purpose of the assembly was once to expand the horizons of which means learn and the modeling of linguistic semantics, with contributions centering at the applicable modeling of lexical, syntactic, and textual-semantic representations. The papers problem a few uncomplicated notions of semantics and display major avenues of improvement in modern investigations. One is towards broadening the scope of investigativeness, the second one is towards a better domain-specificity as expressed in a better sensitivity to pragmatics and meta-pragmatic concerns.

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PARTI Multidisciplinair Perspectives on Meaning Traces of Meaning and Reference: Phenomenological and Hermeneutical Explorations Calvin O . Schräg Purdue University A peculiar trait of modern philosophy has been its obsession with the prob­ lems of meaning and reference. These intertwined problems became rather prominently inscribed in the annals of philosophical discourse as a result of the epistemological turn maneuvered by Descartes. With his invention of mind as a translucent ego-cogito, whose principle function it was to provide accurate representations of reality, Descartes placed upon the quests for meaning and reference some rather staggering demands.

This is where current deliberations on the issues of meaning and refer­ ence seem to stand — at the end of the epistemological paradigm, in a state of disillusionment with psychologism, and in recognition of the limits of lin­ guistics as a foundational science. Against the backdrop of these recent developments, which have brought the modern formulation of the problem of meaning and reference under suspicion, we wish to propose not a jetti­ soning of the problem itself (as some postmodernists have recommended) but rather a recontextualization and refiguration of the issues involved in the problem as traditionally defined.

The living body is an ongoing body-environment interaction. As we just saw, even our most felt meanings which seem internal, concern how we are bodily living our seemingly external situations. Later we must discuss this seeming distinction between external and internal. But, all life-proces­ ses are interactions. To let a felt meaning come, and to specify it, the body MEANING PRIOR TO THE SEPARATION 39 interacts in a special further way with our attentional actions and symbols. We must think of the body not as a fixed, formed thing, but as ongoing interaction.

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