Cross-linguistic Investigations of Nominalization Patterns by Ileana Paul

By Ileana Paul

The chapters during this quantity deal with present themes within the morphology, syntax, and semantics of nominalizations, drawing on various typologically and geographically various languages. Nominalizations characterize a long-standing puzzle to linguists: How is a noun, corresponding to destruction, on the topic of the verb wreck? The semantic parallel among the deverbal nominalization and its comparable verb means that there's a shut connection among the 2. This quantity contributes to the continued debates on the way to seize this connection and the way to account for the plain combined specific prestige of nominalizations. This quantity is vital for college kids and researchers attracted to the morphology-syntax and syntax-semantics interfaces.

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Since a full CP is  Eric Mathieu projected in the case of agent nominalizations, and since an operator ends up in Spec-CP, I do not see how the derivation could proceed so that the clause becomes a noun after participial/nominal morphology is added on the verb. Assuming a strict derivational morphological process, the clause would have to become a noun as soon as the verb raises to the participial/nominal morphology (under traditional assumptions of the way head movement proceeds) which would mean much structure would remain to be built (above vP) that would essentially not be a noun.

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Intransitive verbs never license definite DP objects, though they optionally permit bare NP objects, as illustrated in (8)c. Such objects are never potential PoV holders, and thus, even in this context intransitive verbs lack a theme suffix. Nominalizing Inner Aspect  (10) ... 2, I noted abstract nominalizations are derived from formally intransitive verbs. These are predominately verbs with animate intransitive (AI) finals. Significantly, there are no examples of verbs with TA finals – with or without a theme suffix, as illustrated in and (9b) and (11).

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