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2 The number of bytes of data: 23 The parameters you specified: name1=Jack&name2=Antony 32 Chapter 3: CGI from the Inside Chapter 3: CGI from the Inside 33 And what we got through the URL: param=value As you might have noticed, processing the POST method is more complicated than GET. Nevertheless, POST is used more frequently, especially if a large amount of data needs to be passed, or if a file needs to be uploaded to the server (this is also supported by the HTTP protocol and HTML). Decoding URL-Encoded Data If in the previous example we entered parameters containing letters of a nonLatin alphabet, they would have reached the script not in their normal mode, but URL-encoded.

The first of the two is for CGI scripts, while the second is for your documents and PHP programs. By the way, you should repeat this operation every time you create a new virtual host (this is discussed later). Fig. 4 shows the resulting directory tree. Fig. 4: The main host directory tree 5. conf configuration file in the conf subdirectory of the Apache directory (C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache, in our example) using the Notepad editor. You needn't search for this file manually; use the Edit configuration command on the Start | Programs | Apache Web Server | Management cascade's last menu.

Bat file (but after the @echo off command, if it is present), insert this line: subst Z: C:\INTERNET 3. Restart the computer in order for the new Z: logical drive to be created. Now, whatever is contained in the C:\INTERNET directory will be displayed as the content of Z: as if it were a usual hard drive. Attention Chapter 4: Installing Apache 49 50 Chapter 4: Installing Apache By the way, here's some information on a relevant Windows 95/98 bug. , Z: becomes C:\INTERNET). This may happen unexpectedly while a certain program is running.

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