Course Material on Switched Mode Power Conversion (2nd by V. Ramanarayanan

By V. Ramanarayanan

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To assess conduction loss) • OFF state current. (to assess blocking loss) • Thermal impedance. (to help thermal design) • Reverse recovery time. (to assess high frequency switching capability) • I 2 t rating. (to design short circuit protection) The following are the three types of diodes available for PES applications. 4V ) with reverse blocking capacity of less than 100V. These are suitable for circuits where low conduction loss is desired. Sample data sheet of a schottky diode (Schottky Diode MBRP30060CT Motorola) is given in Appendix F.

The junctions (base-emitter and base-collector) remain forward biased for a duration “ts ”. During this storage time, ic continues to flow and the device voltage vce drop remains low. This is the time taken to remove the accumulated charge in the junction, so that the junction may start blocking. The storage time increases with ib1 and decreases with ib2 . • After the storage time, in a time “tf ”, the collector current falls (almost) linearly to zero. During the fall time (hatched region 2), the collectoremitter voltage vce(t) is decided by the external circuit.

The inductor current is steady 5A without any ripple. On the v-i plane mark the operating points of the switches T1 P and T2 P . T1 P may be realized by a controlled power-switching device (BJT, MOSFET or IGBT). T2 P may be realized by an uncontrolled diode. 15 Illustrated Examples I 37 ON 1 3 2 4 V OFF OFF Fig. 1: Composite Switches I 11 00 00 11 0000 1111 00 11 0000V 1111 00 11 00 11 00 11 00 11 00 11 00 11 (a) (b) I 11 00 00 11 0000000 1111111 00 11 0000000 1111111 00 11 V (a) (b) Fig. 2: Operating Points of Composite Switches T1 50V P T2 5A 5A T1 P −50V 50V 5A T2 P Fig.

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