Control in Generative Grammar: A Research Companion by Idan Landau

By Idan Landau

The topic of nonfinite clauses is usually lacking, and but is known to consult a few linguistic or contextual referent (e.g. 'Bill hottest __ to stay silent' is known as 'Bill most well liked that he himself may stay silent'). This dependency is the subject material of keep an eye on thought. large linguistic study into keep watch over buildings over the last 5 many years has unearthed a wealth of empirical findings in dozens of languages. Their right class and research, besides the fact that, were an issue of continuous debate inside of and throughout varied theoretical colleges. This accomplished e-book pulls jointly, for the 1st time, all of the very important advances at the subject. one of the matters mentioned are: the excellence among elevating and keep an eye on, compulsory and nonobligatory keep watch over, syntactic interactions with case, finiteness and nominalization, lexical decision of the controller, and phenomena like partial and implicit regulate. The serious discussions during this paintings will stimulate scholars and students to additional explorations during this interesting box.

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B. * Maryi knew that Fred wondered [where PROi to hide herself]. c. * Ii thought that Tommy begged his mother [PROi to allow myself in]. d. * Lisai expected Chrisi to propose to his officemate [PROi to introduce herself to the new boss]. Bound variable and de se readings are obligatory as well; we illustrate with two examples only. 22 See Williams 1980, Bresnan 1982, Bouchard 1984, Koster 1984, Chierchia 1984, Lebeaux 1984. The same position has been advanced in the movement theory of control (Hornstein 1999, 2003 and subsequent work).

Billi called us [before/after/while/without PROi visiting his aunt]. Maryi grew up [PROi to be a famous actress]. The shipi sank, [only PROi to be dredged up again]. Maxi works hard [PROi to stay out of jail]. Maryi smiled [PROi to think what a fool she had been]. These adjuncts possess the OC signature. The controller is necessarily the subject of the clause immediately containing the nonfinite adjunct, in accordance with the co-dependence condition: (81a) shows that arbitrary, longdistance and non-c-commanding control are ruled out.

2 Raising-control contrasts 23 What neither author seems to have doubted, however, is the transparency of object controllers to subextraction. (64) [Which famous person]i did Martha persuade [friends of ti ] to sign her program? 4). In particular, if the controller DP in the latter is raised from the embedded subject position just like the matrix objects in the former, it should be just as opaque to subextraction. Tough movement. A second contrast between objects derived by raising and object controllers, observed in Chomsky 1973 (and credited to J.

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