Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music: by Julia M. Rubiner

By Julia M. Rubiner

E-book by means of Julia M. Rubiner

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It is not layer upon layer of subtle interaction. It's very strong melody, very strong harmony, simply constructed. " Although Bley's keyboard improvisations are strongly influenced by such jazz pianists as Thelonius Monk and Bill Evans, in many ways her solo work is as striking and individual as her compositional style. Because she received no formal training, she has developed an idiosyncratic method of fingering that produces a unique tone and manner of phrasing. Her improvisations are notable for their economy; she relishes a sense of space while improvising, and the listener has the sense that every single note is meaningful.

Brooks's road entourage includes close friends and family. His lifelong friend Mick Weber is his road manager, old college roommate and partner Ty Englund his guitarist, and sister Betsy his bass player. Brooks's brother Kelly, who is an accountant, handles tour financing and the star's investments. "I surrounded myself with people who knew me long before I happened," explained Brooks to People contributor Jerome. " Despite his rocket to superstardom, praise for Brooks has not been universal.

Singer, songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist. Irish folk musician; member of the Johnstons, late 1960s-1972; joined Planxty, 1974; recorded with numerous Irish traditional musicians, including fiddlers Kevin Burke and Tommy Peoples and flutist Matt Molloy. Shifted to rock music, opening for Dire Straits and Eric Clapton, recording original songs, and writing for various recording artists, including Bonnie Raitt. Selected awards: Welcome Here Kind Stranger voted best folk album of the year by Melody Maker, 1978; single "Crazy Dreams"/''Busted Loose" reached Number One in Ireland in 1980.

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