Conceptual survey of generators and power electronics for by L. H. Hansen, L. Helle, F. Blaabjerg, E. Ritchie, S.

By L. H. Hansen, L. Helle, F. Blaabjerg, E. Ritchie, S. Munk-Nielsen, H. Bindner, P. Srensen and B. Bak-Jensen

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This construction could be improved by using powder core technology instead of a laminated steel core. Powder metallurgy offers high utilisation of the material and the ability to form and produce complex shapes. This would ease the manufacture and assembly of the motors. However, both material costs and tools will be increased by this solution. Several attempts have been made to use powdered iron as a direct replacement for laminated steel, but with poor result. , 1999) this is because the designs were unsuited for the use of powder cores, where the advantages are three-dimensional flux distribution, lower component count, and, as mentioned, new methods of manufacture and assembly.

The torque and inductance for a whole motor may then be found by multiplying by the number of pole pairs of the motor and the number of phases. The design steps are as follows: • • • • Decide traction force Decide cross-sectional area of pole leg face Total mmf is chosen from calculated database or analytical expressions Current density is chosen by cooling method. Table in (Hendershot, 1994). , 1999): " " " " " Width of the stator poles and the rotor poles is equal Distance between two stator poles is equal to the pole width.

To attempt to minimize the field energy in the SR motor, and not by induced current as in the case of induction machines. The mechanism is the same as for the production of reluctance torque in the salient pole synchronous machine. The magnetic flux and the torque producing current must be perpendicular to each other. The magnetic flux must cross the air gap in the normal direction to produce a tangential force component. The magnetic flux is excited by current flowing in the stator winding. B ψ Non linear ψ3 ψ2 ψ1 H = 2W lin Figure 25.

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