Collectivist Economic Planning: Critical Studies by Friedrick Hayek

By Friedrick Hayek

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Surely they are decking themselves out in other people's finery! Their behaviour is comparable to that of people who appeal to the continuity of evolution while pressing on 1 W. D. P. Bliss, in A Handbook of Socialism (London, 1895, p. 197) says explicitly: .. if any man refused to work he would be left to starve". As a palliative he adds: .. yet with no oneto blame but himself, for every man would then have an opportunity to work. By simply doing a few hours of honest work each day for a few years of his life .

The uninterrupted evolution of society which makes no sudden jumps, even though it sometimes appears to do so, must itself overcome them. The social democrats proceed upon the assumption that human society, like nature as a whole, is governed by the principle of evolution, of evolution to higher forms. The later stages of society must always be more advanced than those which have preceded them. " 2 [A reference to K. ] 2 Loopuet in Bet Volk of April 20, 1902. 1 1902, 5° THE PROBLEM OF VALUE This I find perplexing.

Now you, reader, are fighting in word and deed on behalf of these ideas, and we therefore ask you a few questions. You are asked to clear up certain very important matters which you and those who think with you have allowed to remain obscure. You are asked how you would propose to order things once it was decided to introduce socialism. That you refuse to answer. You do not accept the notion of introducing socialism. Socialism you say, will come of its own accord in the natural course of evolution, and once this fact is grasped it is clear that difficulties which would otherwise be insuperable will not arise at all.

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