Classical Mongolian by Alice Sárközi

By Alice Sárközi

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F. Hcinschink 74 Abruzzese R. Bigalkc 8 1 Literary Old Babylonian Shtomo Izrc'ct & Eran Cohcn 82 Canlano-Akkadlan Shlomo Izrc'cl 83 Paplamentu S. Kouwcnbctg& Descriptive Grammar Series 8. Murray 88 Nyulnyul W. McGrcgor 93 Daur Chaolu Wu (ojiycdin Chuluu) 100 Bare (Anwak) Atcxandra Y. Aikhcnvald 101 Acadian French D. Jory & V. Motapanyanc 103 Chamllng K. Ebcrt 104 Kodava (Dravidian) K. Ebcrt 105 Romanes (Sinti) D. Holzingcr 106 Sepecidcs-Romani P. F. W. Halwachs 109 Karachay St. Sccgmillcr 1 I 1 Nivkh E.

Emuneki asar degere pruyad. ] [eye + Inst] eyin leyin saran ~jebesii. Sg. Sg. ] [to see + AP] [Geser] [khan] drdsiyehi sedkll tdrdjil dolor-a-baneyin sedkirfln. -L. + SPM] [so] (to think + APl efinen rrridu minu etige Qormuslu tengri g u m q amltun-u [secretly] [earlier) [PP 1 Pr. ] [for] [PP 1 Pr. Sing. 1 edfigebi qayiyurul zigei jityl-doyan fasiyurajusququ [now) [PP 1 Pr. L. + SPM] [to indulge + AI] [to sit + . NFl . minu yuyurai buruytz bile kemen sedkiged bi ene [PP I Pr. Sg. 1 [to say + CC + AM] [to think AP] [PP 1 Pr.

However, in the light of our queen we do not used a torch at night. MUnggOIiln qatun can no1 be comparcd to her. Saying these words he went away. The saint lord took away the wife of the TayuEut jamuqa and lived together with her. h u q a has heard the words of Dordong and told to the lord: ''The wife of the Tanggut Siduryu khan, Gtirbeljin beauty, the daughter of Vangginai jangginai SeEen Nomitai is (more beautiful), than my wife, Mtinggillitn beauty. It is said, that in her light one does not need a torch even at night.

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