Cirugía Pediátrica 2da Ed. by Carmen Gloria Rostión A.

By Carmen Gloria Rostión A.

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The París School uses the word "discourse" to include all of the elements that make up an act of communication, not, as it is sometimes used, to refer to the cohesive elements of a paragraph or text. TRANSLATION (THEORY) 31 The methodology proposed by Delisle (1980, 1993) has preved fruitful for teaching translation from Spanish to English for Spanish students for three main reasons. First, Delisle restricts his method to what he calis pragmatic texts, which excludes texts in which Reiss's expressive function is predominant.

She divided texts according to their main function, and these functions partially coincide with Tytler's laws. The first is Inhaltsbetonte Texte, in which the predominant function of the language is representative, to transmit the content of the text. The second is Formbetonte Texte, in which the predominant function of the language is expressive, to transmit the form of the text. The third is Appelbetonte Texte, in which the predominant function of the language is to provoke a reaction in the reader, or receptor (Reiss, 1971: 31).

Newmark's point is worth making, and he is supported by writers such as Vladimir Nabokov and Milán Kundera, both of whom have complained about the liberties taken by translators with a strong target-language bias. This is why Newmark is critical of Seleskovitch and the research group at l'École supérieure d'interprétes et traducteurs (Sorbonne nouvelle, París III), although he recognizes the valuable and stimulating contribution they have made. He believes that their approach leads to undertranslation and loss of meaning.

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