Chronic fatigue syndrome by Gregory R. Bock, Julie Whelan (editors)

By Gregory R. Bock, Julie Whelan (editors)

Files the most recent effects and critiques at the explanations and attainable treatments for this affliction. assurance comprises retroviral involvement, immunity, pathophysiology and pharmacological remedy of power fatigue syndrome.

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These physical signs must have been documented by a physician at least twice at one-month intervals. Each patient with CFS was matched for gender and age (within five years) to a control subject selected in a random manner from the remaining cohort of patients with chronic fatigue. The clinical features of the CFS and control patients were compared, and statistical analyses were performed using x2 testing for proportions and two-tailed t-testing for ordinal variables. 9 years. Ninetyseven per cent of the patients were white.

Patients were classified according to prospective rules presented elsewhere (Manu et a1 1988) as having psychiatric disorders, physical disorders, or concomitant psychiatric and physical disorders. The criteria for CFS were prospectively applied to the 200 patients consecutively entered in the Connecticut Chronic Fatigue Study from March 1988 to September 1989 (Lane et a1 1991). According to Holmes et a1 (1988), a diagnosis of CFS may be given to patients with a fatigue state severe enough to reduce their premorbid activity by at least 50% for a period of at least six months in conjunction with at least eight of the following 11 symptoms: feverishness, sore throat, painful or swollen lymph nodes in neck or armpit, muscle weakness, muscle pain, joint pain, protracted and severe post-exercise fatigue, new onset of generalized headache, neuropsychological abnormalities (photophobia, scotomata, forgetfulness, irritability, confusion, or dysphoria), sleep disturbance, and the acute onset of the symptom complex.

This does not mean, of course, that no such consistent causes or objective abnormalities will be found in CFS.

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