Central American English by John Holm

By John Holm

This quantity is ready the Anglophone creoles to be discovered at the Caribbean coast of significant the United States (Belize, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama), and its offshore islands (Providencia, San Andrés and the Caymans) . The research of those Anglophone kinds is relatively contemporary and in keeping with present box paintings from Belize to Panama. one of many attention-grabbing gains that emerges is the tentative map of diachronic and synchronic relationsships one of the Anglophone creoles of the Caribbean, as illustrated partially by means of the lexicon and in part by way of grammatical structures. The stories during this booklet are in accordance with phonetic transcriptions of speech acts of their social and linguistic context.

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20 wi fvey fa a: 'we were afraid of her'. fvey as stative verb. (BC:l:2n). 21 wi no de stodi dat: 22 lef: 23 wen i mows hapn da ina 'we were not paying attention'. regular form for 'leave'; it is an unmarked past ('we left'). Len, dow: '(The time) when it mostly happens it's around Lent, though'. da as copula occurs in a pseudo-cleft context (see BC:l:ln, 49n). da den dey kum awt: 'it's then that they come out'. da copula, in a topicalized context. e. the monsters also roam through the bush in broad daylight.

Me de wach a wid wan sayd a her ayz: '(she) was watching him from the corner of her eye'. Again, there is English/BC interference (wach, wid, her vs. me de — see BC:l:15n, a), and even hypercorrection ayz. 's correction on BC:4:25, as well as below on BC:4:28. BELIZEAN CREOLE NOTES 4 26-27 mesolectal sentence, with absence of past tense marking. 29 i neva 31 i prey: dis 53 now dat di wuman me de si a-. O. reverts to the basilect. neva is the BC negator for past verbs. and above. 'her prayer', variant of waz wat waz sik: Me de: see BC:l:15n preya.

BELIZEAN CREOLE TEXT 5 20 J: No, no, no. R: Yes. J: No, weyt. Tahshin°, dey ahr tu weyz a tahshin. tachin wid bonin wata. G: Wid wat? J: Wid di bonin wata. R: Rememba, wen wi kum fa Mango Kriyk°, wen wi kum a Mango Kriyk, a si da.. J: Ya, yu siy data ting an sayd a di bowt, datsa° wat yu kahl a bonin wata. Den, anada tachin wen a yuwzin a kowlman lamp°, or entin a di saht, flashlayt. 0 Bot der, yu kan yuwz, yu gwayn a tashin widawt a layt. ° R: Ah neva anastahn dat, ah neva now wat tahchin... ) klows bifow yuw siy dem.

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