Camp Concentration: A Novel by Thomas M. Disch

By Thomas M. Disch

Louis Sacchetti is a poet and pacifist imprisoned for refusing to enlist within the conflict opposed to 3rd international guerillas. Sacchetti and the opposite inmates are utilized in perverse medical experiments, and Sacchetti is contaminated with a germ that increases intelligence to impressive heights whereas inflicting decay and dying.

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But he had killed a man—and all for nothing. He shuddered, in spite of the heat, and gasped for air. Nothing, it had all been for nothing. Make Room! Make Room! 61 Chapter 5 “Just like that? ” Lieutenant Grassioli’s angry question lost some of its impact when he ended it with a deep belch. He took a jar of white tablets from the top drawer of his desk, shook two of them out into his hand and looked at them distastefully before putting them into his mouth. ” The words were accompanied by a dry, grating sound as he chewed the tablets.

Michael O’Brien was still as impressive in death as he had been in life: sprawled on his back, arms and legs spread wide, mouth agape and eyes open and staring. The length of iron projected from the side of his head and a thin trickle of dark blood ran down the side of his neck to the floor. Andy knelt and touched the bared skin on his forearm; it was very cool. The air-conditioned room would have something to do with that. He stood and looked at the bathroom door. ” he asked. “No, sir. ” “You said she lives here.

59 drawer in the larger dresser, splintering and cracking it with the iron. It was filled with smooth underclothes, pink and white and softer than he had ever felt when he ran his hand over them. He threw them on the floor. One by one he treated all the other drawers the same way, hurling their contents about, but putting aside those items of clothing he knew could be sold for a high price in the flea market. A sudden banging brought back the fear that had been displaced by anger for the moment, and he stood frozen.

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