Bob Marley: Musician (Black Americans of Achievement) by Sherry Beck Paprocki

By Sherry Beck Paprocki

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Dodd’s subsequent decision to put the group on a weekly salary of three pounds did little to ease their discontent; for that money, they found, they were expected to be on almost permanent call at Studio One, available around the clock to record backing 43 BOB MARLEY 44 vocals on other tracks Dodd was producing, or to coach, rehearse, and prepare other groups. If their inquiries about royalties or more equitable arrangements grew too strident, Dodd referred them to the pistol he kept in his studio as the ultimate answer to such ingratitude.

That dedication, in turn, was only possible through a mutual friendship as tight as the group’s harmonies. As Johnny Moore of the Skatalites observed, “At the time, they were very young and vibrant and you could see they were very good friends: they were very, very close to one another. They really did care about each other. ” For all the musical benefits of the Wailers’ association with Dodd, the relationship was destined to be short-lived. After their initial audition, Dodd had signed them on his usual terms—a flat fee of 15 pounds (about $60) per record, with no royalties.

48 BOB MARLEY She was thus stunned when, after several weeks, Livingston told her that Marley was in love with her. Even with his secret revealed, Marley found it hard to speak of his feelings directly; he preferred to write love letters, which Livingston would deliver. Though she was initially attracted to Tosh, who could be as outgoing and charming as he was sometimes menacing, Anderson began to look at Marley differently. “You have to be prepared to meet him,” she explained. ” His developing relationship with Anderson gave Marley one more reason for wanting a more settled existence.

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