Blood Brothers 2 (Call of Cthulhu) by John B. Monroe

By John B. Monroe

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Sneak 50°/0, Spot Hidden 50%. ' Chateau Of Blood M 37 rs. BEATRICE CHADAVER. She is a formidable English matron, genuinely fond of her daughter, Belinda, but also is vain, hypocritical. and without good taste, as her overly-beribboned clothing, and ostentatious jewelry betray. Chief amongst the jewelry is a heavy silver chain and crucifix fashionable this season in St. Moritz. The fixst is an advantageous marriage for Belinda, and secondly the forthcoming meeting with her husband in Karlensburg, whose small salary cannot s u p m hex current level of income.

He fixes th& hot drinks at the inn stops, and always double checks that their baggage is securely stowed. He has a musket with powder and shot, and a large club tucked into his belt, to protect against wolves and bandits. 'OEANNthe Coachman. He is big, blond, loyal, brave, and strong, with the constitution, strength, and unfortunately the brains of an ox. He does know a lot about horses, but he is a true lout, incapable of rising above himself. A local resident, he is taking the coach over the mountains to Karlensburg tonight for the first time, since the rermlar coachman injured himself.

She says that she envies Belinda, so traveled and adult. She continues, in softened tone, saying that last night she dreamt of leaving the chateau forever. She awoke with tears in her eyes, thinking that her heart was breaking. 31 Femlna Mutabilis, excerpts Is it not so that Woman is ever Vile, Evil? I offer you Proof of the basest and most iecherous kind, that the Devil even now walks among us, and many offer foothdd in their heerts b r hls evil sport For the first p m f , is it not known that the very wolves of the mountains have so glutted themselves upon this windfall of our dead from Wars and Pestilence hat they have come to prekr human flesh above all others?

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