Biotechnology and Environmental Science: Molecular by Paul Berg (auth.), S. Mongkolsuk, P. S. Lovett, J. E. Trempy

By Paul Berg (auth.), S. Mongkolsuk, P. S. Lovett, J. E. Trempy (eds.)

Eukaryotic Biotechnology: amendment particular Chromosomal Loci in Mammalian Cells by means of Recombination (P. Berg). portable components within the Human Genome (M.F. Singer). Agricultural Biotechnology: Coat Protein Mediated security and the opportunity of its program in Agriculture (R.N. Beachy). constitution of Peroxidase Isozyme Gene in Brassica and their Expression (A. Shinmyo et al.). Environmental Biotechnology: Environmental regulate of Microbial Gene Expression and Evolution (A.M. Chakrabarty). Bacterial Heavy steel detoxing and Resistance structures (S. Silver). Microbial Biotechnology: Induction of Cat mRNA Translation by way of Chloramphenicol (P.S. Lovett et al.). functions of a Multicopy Phenotype strategy (J.E. Trempy). New Technology: research of Epitopes within the Cholera relatives of Enterotoxins (M. Kazemi, R.A. Finkelstein). 18 extra articles. Index.

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This effect is poorly understood, although it is known that the transcriptional promoter used to construct the coat protein gene can dramatically affect the level of disease resistance. (The transcriptional promoter controls the expression of the gene, it determines in what cell type, or at what stage in plant development, and/or at what level, the gene is expressed). Clark et al (1990) demonstrated that when the TMV CP gene is controlled by a promoter that causes expression in most or all cell types there is greater resistance than when the gene is expressed only in cells that contain chloroplasts.

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