Being The Solution by Darel A. Rutherford

By Darel A. Rutherford

In Being the answer you will know about the ability Pause, a strong transformational software that adjustments your method of BEING relative to what you understand to be an issue. the matter easily dissolves and disappears.

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So know this: What you want that you don’t have IS AND WILL ALWYAYS BE outside the box! You can only have what you want, by choosing to BE the one to whom it belongs. He who chooses a the beginning of a road Chooses the place to which it leads. --Harry Emerson - 58 - 6 HOW TO KNOW WHAT YOU WANT …by thinking out of the box The question here is, Who would I be BEING if I knew what I wanted? How can I know what I want? D uring a coffee break in a motivational seminar, Robert Barnes, a frustrated attendee, asked me, “How can I know what I want?

The problem’s effect always shows up inside the box; the problem’s solution will ALWAYS BE outside the box --Darel Rutherford The next time you’re faced with a problem, ask yourself, Who would I be BEING, and what would I be doing, if this problem were no longer a problem? By asking yourself this question, you are allowing yourself to imagine yourself outside the box where the problem will no longer exist because it doesn’t belong in your reality. This sort of thinking (outside the box) gives you back your power, puts you back in charge of your life, where you’ll know what you want from it.

The answer to my problem came with the massage, we become what we think about. From that, I got, loud and clear, that I could change who I was BEING and the problem would no longer exist! All I knew prior to this revelation was that I had a serious problem and wanted a way out. Notice that who I was being at the time, could not say what I wanted; I could only say what I didn’t want. Knowing what you want from life begins with knowing what you don’t want in your life --Darel Rutherford To get value out of this example, you must see that you can’t choose a solution to your problem because the problem belongs with who you are BEING.

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