Authors of the Medieval and Renaissance Eras: 1100 to 1660 by Adam Augustyn

By Adam Augustyn

As Europe's spiritual, social, monetary, and cultural identification started to take extra certain form within the medieval and Renaissance eras, so too did its literary id. by means of shooting in ink the spirit of those transformative sessions, such literary giants as Geoffrey Chaucer, Miguel de Cervantes, William Shakespeare, and John Milton laid the rules for literature, drama, and poetry this present day. Readers should be brought to those and different remarkable figures from world wide whose works have had an both enduring effect at the worldwide literary canon.

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I suspeded that it might have been a hippodrome, a xystus or paradromides, a promenade or avenue with wide open porticos, or the location of a temporary canal. On this piazza, ten paces from its beginning toward the door, I saw a prodigious horse like a winged steed, made of bronze with its wings spread and of excessive size. One of its hooves covered a circle five feet in diameter on the surface of the base, and from this circle at the bottom of the hoof up to where the chest began, I found to be nine feet.

THEREAFTER. HE ENTERED UNEXPECTED/ LY AN D WITH GREAT FEAR. I NTO A DENSE AN D PATH LESS FOREST. THE HYPNEROTOMACHIA OF POLIPHILO. DESCRIPTION OF THE DAWN. "gf~~ cothea's brow grows bright. The whirling ~\~~J~ wheels slung beneath his chariot were still . /f~~lJ-~~ his daughter's pale quadriga with scarlet roses and to speed after it without delay. His curling hair was already sending its rays scintillating over the restless blue waves. As he arrived at this point, hornless Cynthia was setting opposite, urging on the steeds of her vehicle which was drawn by a white and a dark mule.

ING COLOSSUS, AN ELEPHANT, AND ESPECIALLY AN ELEGANT PORTAL. AM FULLY JUSTIFIED IN SAYING THAT nothing like these magnificent works has ever been thought of or seen by the eye of man in the whole wide world. I can state with confidence that human knowl.. edge, together with the greatest talent and capacity, could not attain such audacity in the art and artifice of building, nor even think of it. 11fort from the grasp of my memory. As I marvelled at it and examined carefully every part of the beautiful 30 [b4] complex, examining these excellent and noble statues made from virgin stone, my emotions were suddenly so warmly aroused that I gave forth a sobbing sigh.

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