Australian popular music in perspective by Marcus; Australian Institute Of Aboriginal Studies; Brunton,

By Marcus; Australian Institute Of Aboriginal Studies; Brunton, Marylouise Breen

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TGH Strehlow, Songs of Central Australia, Angus and Fbbertson, Sydney, 1971:128(n) 42 OUR PLACE OUR MUSIC 8. G Blainey, Triumph of the Nomads, Macmillan, Melbourne, 1975, chapters 9 and 13; H McQueen, Aborigines, Race and Racism, Penguin Books, Melbourne, 1974:44 9. 7, 1969:7 10. Kimberley Aborigines make a complete distinction between songs 'found in dream' and songs 'like cowboy songs' or 'made with the brain', A Moyle, Groves Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1980:717 11. C Schultz, Project on Aboriginal Music, Barr-Smith Library, Adelaide, 1975:22-23 12.

When he sees the policeman come you'll see h i m split the breeze. Many's the time I've tried it but r u n n i n g does not pay, 'Cause when they get you in those cells: ten pounds or twenty days Now twenty days hard labour. Oh brother that's just fine! No sweets, no sugar in your tea, no smokes to ease your m i n d You're camping o n a n old floor m a t , the concrete for your bed You feel your belly pinching, and you wish that you were dead There is also a parody of 'Dear John':57 Dear wife, well I hate to fight Dear wife, well I knocked you out last night All m y wine and money's gone, And you sent round for the John, And tonight I've been arrested, dear wife.

The Australian Constitution 3. The 1986 census figures are quoted here (Australian Bureau o f Statistics, Census of Population and Housing) 4. B Sansom, 'Contemporary Issues', in A Barlow and M Hill (eds) Black Australia, AIAS, Canberra, 1978:109 5. The word 'tribal' is disputed in connection with Aborigines, whose main social units are smaller and more democratic than t h e word suggests But it will have to stand here because we shall be using 'traditional' to refer also t o westernised Aboriginal people 6 T Jones, in Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Vol 1, 1980:712 A number o f features of voice production, melody, rhythm and metre are listed and Jones notes that local styles result largely from the way they are combined or omitted 7.

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