Annual Review of Immunology Volume 3 1985 by WILLIAM E PAUL


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For personal use only. 36 HENKART primarily with small amounts of sugar. Five major granule proteins were seen on sodiumdodecyl sulfate (SDS)gels; since their sizes (62, 58, 30, and 28 kd) did not correspond to terminal complement proteins, it was argued that the lyric properties of these granules probably could not be attributed to complement(78). Reynoldset al (80) have shownthat antibodies against the purified LGL tumor granules are reactive with a numberof the granule proteins and are capable of inhibiting the lytic activity of the granule cytolysin.

The specificity of allergic reactions III. Contact hypersensitivity. J. Exp. Med. 114:134 11. , Gell, P. G. H. 1959. Studies on hypersensitivity. III. The relation between delayed reactivity to the picryl group of conjugates and contact sensitivity. Immunology2 : 219 12. Maguire, H. C. , Chase, M. W. 1967. Exaggerated delayed-type hypersensitivity to simple chemicalallergens in the guinea pig. J. Invest. 49 : 460 13. Maguire, H. C. , Chase, M. W. 1973. Studies on the sensitization of animals with simple chemical compounds.

LoGrippo, M. W. Chase. Boston: Little Brown 42. Chase, M. W. 1967. Hypersensitivity to simple chemicals. HarveyLect. 61 : 169. NewYork : Academic 43. ,Benacerraf, B. 1971. The PLL gene and histocompatibility genotype in inbred and random bred guinea pigs. J. 107 : 382 44. , Paul, W. , Benacerraf, B. 1972. Histocompatibility-linked genetic control of the immune response to hapten guinea pig albumin conjugate in inbred guinea pigs. J. 109 : 457 44a. Reese, R. 1977. Antibody production by strain 2 and strain 13 guinea pigs.

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