Annual Review of Immunology Volume 2 1984 by WILLIAM E PAUL


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O. 1972. Science 175:273 2. Schlossman,S. E 1972. Transplant. 10:97 3. Zinkernagel,R. , Doherty,P. C. 1975. H-2compatibilityrequirementfor T cell mediatedlysis of target infected with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus. J. Exp. 141:1427 4. 5. 6. 7. , Chiller, J. 1979. I/. Finespecificityof T cell activationwith cytochromec and derived peptides as antigenicprobes. J. Exp. J. Nature294:460 Cerottini, J. C. Clonalanalysisof cytolytic T lymphocytes andtheir precursors. 4:622 Doherty,P. C. Surveillance of self: cell-mediatedimmunity to virally modified cell surfacedefinedoperationallyby Annual Reviews 48 8.

12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. MEUER ET AL the majorhistocompatibility complex. 20. Prog. 4:563 Quinnan,G. , Rook,A. , Manischewitz,J. , Santos, G. , 21. H. ytaphocyte non-Tlymphocytecytotoxic responsescorrelate with recovery fromcytomegalovirus infection in bone marrow transplantrecipients. N. J. 22. 307:7 Wallace,L. , Rickinson,A. , Epstein, M. A. 1982. Epstein-Barr virus specific cytotoxic T cell clones restricted througha single FILAantigen. 23. Nature297:413 Meuer,S. , Hodgdon,J. , Cooper, D.

2:23-50. org by HINARI on 08/27/07. For personal use only. EachT lymphocytepossesses twotypesof recognitionstructures. In contrast, T3-Tirecognizesspecific antigen in the context of a polymorphic MHC geneproduct. antigen receptor and in apparent contradiction to the T4-class II and T8-class I correlation (55). CONCLUSION Nowthat functional human T cell clones are available in a number of laboratories and clonotypic monoclonal antibodies exist that are directed at clones or Ti analogs on tumors of the humanT lineage (56), it should be possible identify the genes that encode constant and variable regions of the a and 13 subunits of the T-cell antigen receptor.

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