Anger Control Training (v. 1) by Emma Williams, Rebecca Barlow

By Emma Williams, Rebecca Barlow

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This is the 'frustration-aggression' hypothesis, which states that frustration always leads to some form of aggression and that aggression always stems from frustration. Berkowitz (1965) expanded this hypothesis by suggesting that frustration is only one of a number of aversive stimuli which create a readiness for aggression. He argued that a cue was required to trigger aggressive behaviour. Zillmann (1979) argued that level of arousal was a more useful concept to examine than drive, as it is more readily observed and measured.

If diaries are kept over a period of time, for example the length of the ACT programme, the information can provide a useful monitor of change. There are many types of personal anger diaries; the particular detail recorded depends on what information is required by clients and facilitators. Examples of details which might be recorded are time of incident, date, location, description of the situation, involvement of others, thoughts, feelings, behaviour, physical arousal, coping strategy employed, success rating, outcome or consequences.

Adolescents. Modification and simplification of the course material and the terminology used would be necessary when working with adolescents. Individual Treatment Not all clients are suitable for groupwork. For example, those with social anxiety problems who would be unable to function in a group might find individual treatment extremely effective. However, drawbacks include the lack of behavioural practice obtained from role-play, the shared experiences of those with similar problems and group discussion.

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