An Introduction to Biomedical Instrumentation by D. J. Dewhurst (Auth.)

By D. J. Dewhurst (Auth.)

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Was applied between them a film of aluminium borate was formed on the positive plate, and the device then constituted a capacitor; the solution formed one plate, the film the dielectric, and the positive plate the second plate of the capacitor. Capacitors in the range 50 μ¥ to about 1 F are still made by a modification of this principle; the solution is held in a sheet of absorbent paper in contact with the aluminium plate, and 49 CAPACITANCE TABLE 6 . 2 . SELECTION OF CAPACITOR TYPES Nature of dielectric Capacitance 1 Peak volts up to 5 0 0 0 0 1 μ¥ 001 01 1000 10,000 100,000 Peak volts above 5 0 0 PF 10 100 1 10 100 Peak volts up to 5 0 0 mica Γ polyester, y polycarbonate tantalum }electrolytic polyester, Y polycarbonate oil or [ oil-impregnated paper electrolytic electrolytic the whole capacitor is hermetically sealed to prevent drying.

If the frequency/is in hertz (cycles per second) then 27r/is in radians per second, since there are 2π radians in a circle (or cycle). 10) so eqn. 11) Notice that the impedance is inversely proportional to the capacitance; the larger the capacitance, the lower the impedance, and the greater the current that will flow for a given applied voltage. The impedance is also inversely proportional to the frequency; it is meaningless to state an impedance unless the relevant frequency is stated or implied.

This company makes up thermistors for rectal, oesophageal, skin and other temperature measurements, and also a range of complete instruments for thermistor thermometry. ) Longmans, London, 1969. TERMAN and PETTIT, Electronic Measurements, McGraw-Hill, New York, 1952. COLE, A thermistor thermometer bridge, Rev. Sei. Instr. 28, 326 (1957). 36 AN INTRODUCTION TO BIOMEDICAL INSTRUMENTATION F I G . 7. Thermistor thermometer. 1 If a recording potentiometer with a range of 0-20 or 0-25 mV is available, set up a copper-constantan thermocouple, using wires of about 22 gauge SWG (20 gauge Β & S).

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