American book publishing record, Volume 44 by R.R. Bowker Company

By R.R. Bowker Company

This can be a single-volume resource of trustworthy details on an important replacement religions, overlaying for every such necessities as background, theology, impression at the tradition, and present prestige. The chapters of the ebook have been written by means of specialists who research the events they've got written approximately.

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Page 5 1 Toward a Practical Philosophy of Religion The Construal of Religion and Religious Belief in Modern Philosophy Since the beginning of modernity, philosophers of religion have focused their attention on religious beliefs abstracted from religious life. Their debates over "religion" typically have failed to address the practical issues an embodied person faces, but have attended almost exclusively to issues of pure rational theology suitable for the academic mind alone. Philosophers have endlessly debated the proofs of the existence of God, the problems of theodicy, the rationality of holding religious beliefs, and the possibility of determining whether religious beliefs are meaningful.

In an essay "On the art of discussion" (1588), he offered a practical prescription for a practical disease: The most fruitful and natural exercise of our mind, in my opinion, is discussion. I find it sweeter than any other action of our life. . Page 18 The study of books is a languishing and feeble activity that gives no heat, whereas discussion teaches and exercises us at the same time. If I discuss with a strong mind and a stiff jouster, he presses on my flanks, prods me right and left; his ideas launch mine.

You cannot avoid wagering since you are already in medias res. We are all like the stranded mountaineer in James's "The Will to Believe" (1896); we must choose either to follow the path that may be useless or remain where we are and likely die quietly. Second, the Wager involves specifiable risks and benefits. If you do believe in God, and if there is no God, you may have a finite and temporal loss (perhaps the goods obtained in immoral practices from which you abstain, although this loss might be balanced by the goods that religious practices brings).

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