Advanced RC boat modeling by John Finch

By John Finch

Эта книга охватывает теорию разработки радиоуправляемых скоростных моделей судов, и рассказывает, как применить эту теорию на практике. Автор делится знаниями, как построить модель которой легко управлять, чтобы не возникало трудностей во время соревнований, и можно было полностью сконцентрироваться на гонке.

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And this experience ought to have restrained me from writing to Albertine letters of the same sort as those that I had written to Gilberte. But what we call experience is merely the revelation to our own eyes of a trait in our character which naturally reappears, and reappears all the more markedly because we have already brought it into prominence once of our own accord, so that the spontaneous impulse which guided us on the first occasion finds itself reinforced by all the suggestions of memory.

The reader may remember that when I decided to live with Albertine, and even to marry her, it was in order to guard her, to know what she was doing, to prevent her from returning to her old habits with Mlle. Vinteuil. It had been in the appalling anguish caused by her revelation at Balbec when she had told me, as a thing that was quite natural, and I succeeded, albeit it was the greatest grief that I had ever yet felt in my life, in seeming to find quite natural the thing which in my worst suppositions I had never had the audacity to imagine.

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