A New History of Western Philosophy: Volume 2: Medieval by Anthony Kenny

By Anthony Kenny

Sir Anthony Kenny right here maintains his interesting account of the background of philosophy, concentrating on the thousand-year-long medieval interval. this can be the second one quantity of a four-book set within which Kenny will spread a magisterial new background of Western philosophy, the 1st significant single-author background of philosophy to seem in decades.

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Food in Medieval England: Diet and Nutrition (Medieval History and Archaeology)

Meals and vitamin are valuable to knowing way of life within the heart a while. within the final twenty years, the possibility of the learn of nutrition in medieval England has replaced markedly: historians have addressed resources in new methods; fabric from a variety of websites has been processed by way of zooarchaeologists and archaeobotanists; and clinical strategies, newly utilized to the medieval interval, are starting up probabilities for realizing the cumulative results of vitamin at the skeleton.

The Theory and Practice of Revolt in Medieval England

Medieval Englishmen have been treacherous, rebellious and killed their kings, as their French contemporaries again and again famous. within the thirteenth via fifteenth centuries, ten kings confronted severe uprising, within which 8 have been captured, deposed, and/or murdered. another king escaped open rebel yet encountered lively resistance.

The Black Prince

The Black Prince used to be essentially the most vital figures of the medieval interval: he claimed the foremost battles of the Hundred Years Wars. loss of life prior to his father, Edward III, he left his younger son, the longer term Richard II, to an doubtful future. regardless of his premature loss of life, the Black Prince performed an crucial function in English, Welsh, Spanish and French political existence within the center years of the fourteenth century.

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Ostensibly written by means of an English knight, the Travels purport to narrate his studies within the Holy Land, Egypt, India and China. Mandeville claims to have served within the nice Khan's military, and to have travelled in 'the lands beyond' - international locations populated via dog-headed males, cannibals, Amazons and Pygmies.

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Since souls, for an Aristotelian, are forms, human beings, on this theory, have three souls: a vegetative soul (responsible for nutrition, growth, and reproduction), an animal soul (responsible for movement and perception), and a rational soul (responsible for intellectual thought). None of the souls exist prior to the body, but while the two inferior souls are mortal, the superior one is immortal and survives death in a condition either of bliss or of frustration, in accordance with the merits of the life it has led.

While Simplicius was the most ardent admirer of Aristotle in antiquity, Philoponus was his severest critic. Whereas previous philosophers had either ignored Aristotle (like the Epicureans and Stoics) or interpreted him irenically (like the Neoplatonists), Philoponus knew him very well and attacked him head-on. As a Christian, Philoponus rejected the doctrine of the eternity of the world, and demolished the arguments of Aristotle and Proclus to the eVect that the world had no beginning. 7 It was 7 Philoponus’ physics is discussed in detail in Ch.

She herself has been subject to outrage: her dress is tattered because Epicureans and Stoics tried to kidnap her and tore her clothes, carrying oV the torn-oV shreds. She urges Boethius to remember that even if the wicked prosper, the world is subject not to random chance but to the governance of divine reason. The book ends with a poem that looks rather like a shred torn oV by a Stoic, urging rejection of the passions. Joy you must banish Banish too fear All grief must vanish And hope bring no cheer.

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