A Lao grammar for language learners by Pamela Sue Wright

By Pamela Sue Wright

Lao Grammar for Language newbies, A

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A Lao grammar for language learners

Lao Grammar for Language beginners, A

Split possession : an areal-linguistic study of the alienability correlation and related phenomena in the languages of Europe

This publication is a functional-typological examine of ownership splits in eu languages. It indicates that genetically and structurally diversified languages corresponding to Icelandic, Welsh, and Maltese reveal possessive structures that are delicate to semantically dependent differences comparable to the alienability correlation.

Phonology and Morphology of Biblical Hebrew: An Introduction

Greater than eighty years have handed in view that Bauer and Leander s historic grammar of Biblical Hebrew was once released, and lots of advances in comparative ancient grammar were made through the period in-between. Joshua Blau, who has for far of his existence been linked to the Academy of the Hebrew Language in Jerusalem, has in past times part century studied, gathered info, and written usually on quite a few points of the Hebrew language.

Perspectives on Historical Syntax

This quantity discusses themes of old syntax from varied theoretical views, starting from Indo-European stories to generative grammar, functionalism, and typology. It examines mechanisms of syntactic swap similar to reanalysis, analogy, grammaticalization, self sufficient float, and language touch, in addition to approaches of syntactic reconstruction.

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Negative) on Wednesday? (Interrogative) mushrooms. : 'nlo:::T:T:iil:lr 2 a b c (Affirmative) on cau,inower? "Snow-White". "Gone with the'W-ind". Has she seen 'Jurassic Park"? 3 e He goes to the disco on Saturday nights. b c ... on Monday morning. on Friday nights? Present Perfect Or Present? @ Complete these sentences with a suitable form of a verb from the box. ;.. for this company since 1,991. 2 'Where'sJohn? He ... football on TV 3 -We .... in this house for three years. 4 The children ...

Leave bags and umbrellas in the cloakroom. touch the paintings. .... .... Ledbury Park 1 You 2 You .. 3 You . 4 You . 5 You . D to . smoke in the cinema. 1 You 2 You .. 3 You .. 4 You . 5 You ... C have ...... pick the flowers. walk on the grass if you wish. walk on the paths. put all rubbish in the litter brns. keep children under control. Ledbwry Football t You 2 You ... 3 You .... 4 You ..... Stadium .... arrive in good time. bring your own refreshments if you wish. shout abuse at other spectators.

3 This . be Tinat house; there's her car outside. 4 There's a pram outside the house next door; our new neighbour ...... have a baby. 5 The babyt not eating her food; she .. be hungry. 6 He never leaves the house until nine, so his class . start at nine; it .... start later. 7 She is reading a French newspaper, so she ...... know French. 8 You've just slept for ten hours, so you ...... possibly be tired! 9 The manager has given her a 20%o rrse; she .. be a good worker. Vhat Can They All Be?

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