A Grammar of Warrongo by Tasaku Tsunoda

By Tasaku Tsunoda

Warrongo is an extinct Australian Aboriginal language that was spoken in northeast Australia. This quantity is basically in response to the wealthy info recorded from the final fluent speaker. It info the phonology, morphology and syntax of the language. specifically, it presents a very scrutinizing description of syntactic ergativity - a phenomenon that's infrequent one of the world's language. It additionally indicates that, not like another Australian languages, Warrongo has noun words which are configurational. total this quantity exhibits what may be documented of a language that has just one speaker.

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Garnet, Cashmere Station, Herbert Gorge (excluding Glen Ann and Kirrama Stations), Wairuna, :tvft. Fox, Blue Range and Hill Grove Stations (excluding Charters Towers) and Mount Surprise. He did not know if Innot Hot Springs was included in the territory. ) This area roughly coincides with the W-GB-G territories. (iii) Pompy Clurnppoint (a Jirru speaker from the coast) stated (in 1974) that Gurjal was spoken from Mt Garnet to Charters Towers. This area coincides with the W-GB-G territories. The remarks cited above suggest that W-GB-G were collectively referred to by one single label- Gurijal or something similar.

I-i) ljl-lg! ul (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (i-ii) ITJI-Ip! il 'meat, animal' (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (iii) rhotic+stop- stop+stop 'echidna' lbadbiqa/ 'to enter' /~dga/ (BI, GNG, GNY, MA) (GNY, MA) Territory and neighbouring languages 13 The correspondences in (i) involve a laminal consonant. In (i-i), kJI of (b-2) and (b-3) corresponds to kJI of Gujal and Gugu-Badhun, and to ljl of Warrongo. pi of Gugu-Badhun and Warrongo. In (ii), the retroflex stop of (b-3) corresponds to the retroflex approximant of (b-1).

Third, the word for 'snake' is wadam in Jirrbal (Dixon 19TI: 407), but it is jambal in Warrongo. If this is a Warrongo name, it may be analyzed as follows. It will consist of the nounjambal-0 and the enclitic =goli 'only' (1-9) jambal-r2J=goli snake-NOM/ACC=only Tentative translation: 'only the snake' [9] There are many placenarnes that appear to be based on the geography, flora, fauna, etc. g. )' and 'Henrietta Creek (near Abergowrie)'. [10] There are also many placenames whose etymology is not known One example is bajobala ([batfobala]) 'Kirrama Station'.

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